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It is a Training that consist of your own body weight. You have less chance of injury because you are not slinging around weights or machines that you might not be able to control.

There are workout plans for beginners, intermediates and experts. My Training is arguably one of the most enjoyable and effective, with pushing you to your maximum potential (which is mostly bigger than you believe). You will go home knowing that you worked your entire body and feel good about yourself.


Also try out and join my spinning class, which has different vibes such as Afro beats, Latin, hip hop/rnb and pop music. This class gets the blood pumping and is for everyone. Come and join the program, your body will thank you later.

Our Courses

Top Shape:


This Training is strictly bodyweight exercises which will strengthen your entire body from head to toe.

It includes the following well-known bodyweight exercises such as:

  • Bodyweight squats 

  • Walking Lunches

  • Pushups 

  • ABS

  • Planks

Jumping jacks and many more. Alternating the number of circuits and reps along with your workout duration can either make your bodyweight workout fun and surely see results needed. 

You will train in a group of motivated people, with music and our powerful Trainer who is pushing you to get the results you want!



My spinning class is all about cardio, fun and gets the blood pumping. We cycle in this class to different vibes such as Afro beats, Latin, Hip Hop/RNB and Pop music which gives you the motivation to never give up and reach your goals. Come in try out and feel the motivation right from the start if you join this course!

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